Every transaction at your business could be contributing to a cleaner future.

It is not too good to be true.  It should not have to cost more to do the right thing.  Now you can actually save money while making a more responsible choice. Work with us to make your business more responsible. With a Green Merchant Alliance merchant account EVERY transaction at your business will help support new environmental outreach projects that we research and approve. The best part is, we do it all for you.  If you want to accept payments for Visa, MC and Discover, you will need a merchant account.  Just sign up through us and you can actually save money and do something that you feel good about.  You're welcome. 

Use our customized Pont of Sale Displays to build customer loyalty. Not only can we save you money on your processing fees- but we donate 10% of the fees you pay out of our own pockets,  no strings attached.  So what are you waiting for? Why not?!  Save money, add value to your socially responsible brand.  We provide customized branded materials--from Point of Sale displays to window stickers to seals for your website-- to help you let your customers know what you are doing. Every year we choose a non-profit to support - but if you have a favorite cause or are a non-profit business, we can dedicate our donations to an organizaiton of your choice.  


It will be better with us. 

People will like you better. 

It's a win-win, why wouldn't you?!